RCX cam lock

RCX is a range of Desmo camlocks with removable core.


The removable core makes it possible to change the core with the ease of a key operation. In literally seconds the core can be removed or installed in the housing with the use of the management key. This helps making pre-installations of the locks simple and safe and in the case of a lost user key, changing the lock into another keycode is fast and easy.


- Removable core.
- Patented key.
- The design is based on direct driven pins without springs, which creates a virtually friction free movement and high durability.
- The removable cylinder is available in three different camlock housings and one microswitch lock housing.


- When operating the camlock with the operator key it will work as a standard camlock with 90° rotation.
- Also double key entry is available on request.
- To change the cylindercore a management key is used to operate the lock. It will enable the core to be withdrawn from the cylinder housing.
- Right handed as standard and left handed on request. Switching from right handed to left handed can easily be done on site. 
- NOTE! The tail is M7/5.5mm and standard Assa catches cannot be used with the AD series.


Cylinder made of chrome plated brass and keys made of nickel silver.