Coded 1.2

For a cost-effective and secure key-free environment, Codelocks are ideal multi-code, multi-function, programmable locks used in a variety of applications, from cabinets to lockers.

Why use a Codelock?

·         Designed for lockers that are utilised by many users throughout the day

·         Codelocker Lock provides keyless security for shared and nominated use lockers

·         For use on high traffic, secure cabinets

·         No lost keys to worry about


·         Minimal programming time / 4 code levels

·         Upgrade the existing ASSA Classic locking mechanism for high security

·         Management by-pass key code available at all times

·         Suitable for both wet and dry environments (IP54 rated)

·         Easy to operate with audible buttons

·         Simple retrofit solution for existing ASSA key locker locks

·         Strong unit provides attractive and durable solution

·         Auto-unlock feature prevents 'squatters'

·         Stainless steel hard wearing push buttons

·         Technician code facility

·         Secure battery storage and replacement

·         Low battery warning / battery failure override facility