Discrete and secure ABLOY display cabinet locks


Halford’s retail stores have a repositioning strategy and security has been an important element of this reorganisation. Halford’s security has been based around the ABLOY EXEC locking system.

Customers' focus on the display

Campbell Heart, Regional Security Manager at Halfords explains that an important element of this strategy has been the introduction of glass cabinet displays incorporating ABLOY EXEC cylinder mechanisms and locks suitable for sliding and hinged glass doors, and timber and MDF storage cabinets

“We’ve started to use more glass display cases incorporating the highly secure but also discreet ABLOY OF403 push locks and ABLOY CL104 cam locks with the ABLOY EXEC system.” Campbell says the ABLOY locks and associated fitting products have already trigged a response. “Customers noticed the change immediately and are less aware of the security. Before, customers would see the security before they would see the display.”

For more information:  www.abloy.co.uk