Healthcare Solutions

Combining security, safety and convenience is a challenging task in a busy healthcare environment. With highly sensitive areas operating 24/7, hospitals and clinics demand customised security solutions.

Abloy offers solutions to many of the security problems that hospitals could face on a daily basis, and have been particularly successful in helping to improve key management and security of controlled drugs.

The major benefits of implementing a CLIQ and Traka21 

  • Improve nursing efficiency
  • Improve patient care
  • Improve security
  • Save money - Reduce drug theft
  • Improved CQC Rating performance
  • ROI - 600% in 1 year

All these Hospitals are benefitting from CLIQ:

  • Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham
  • North Lincs and Goole NHS
  • London Bridge Hospital
  • Yeovil Hospital
  • City Hospital Birmingham
  • Sandwell Hospital
  • Doncaster Hospital
  • Weston General Hospital
  • Beneden Hospital
  • Southmead Hospital
  • Wexham Hospital
  • Birmingham Women's Hospital
  • Phyllis Tuckwell Hospice
  • Dorothy House Hospice



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