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Thank you for your interest in ABLOY CLIQ Remote, as a show of gratitude we’d like to offer you the chance to download more information regarding CLIQ.

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In addition to the features outline in our email there are numerous other benefits to ABLOY CLIQ Remote, some of which have been described below.

The creation of audit trail reports also allows efficiency reports to be created. By analysing these reports it is possible to improve the traffic flow in buildings by seeing how staff move from room to room, this can help reduce labour and ultimately create a return on investment. Return on investment can be two fold utilising the ABLOY CLIQ system - as the loss of keys doesn’t mean locks have to be changed, due to the ability to cancel lost keys.

Key Capabilities

  • Remote control of access rights
  • Time zones
  • Audit reporting
  • Unpickable, Unbumpable, Unclonable

To talk to an Abloy representative about ABLOY CLIQ please email marketing@abloy.co.uk

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