Answers to common questions about ABLOY PROTEC2 CLIQ:

What is CLIQ? CLIQ is a micro electronics platform which when combined with ABLOY PROTEC keys and cylinders provides an electromechanical locking solution.

How does this work? In short, this works like an electronic handshake: the key is inserted which engages with the cylinder and sends a random number to the key. The key replies with an encrypted response which is decrypted by the cylinder and if valid the cylinder then allows access. It is important to remember that the mechanical combination must match as well as the digital combination.

How secure is this? ABLOY CLIQ uses a DES encryption (Data Encryption Standard) so it is just as safe as online banking.

Can I use this with an existing Abloy master key System? Yes; ABLOY PROTEC2 CLIQ can be integrated with an existing ABLOY PROTEC2 master key system, so you can expand your current system and have control of vulnerable points.

What products are available? A full range of padlocks and cylinders is available, and we now have a new IP57 rated CLIQ padlock. All the ABLOY CLIQ products have hardened steel protection.

What is the benefit? CLIQ will give you some of the benefits of access control, such as adding, deleting and amending access rights, take audit trails from keys and cylinders as well as setting the key to expire on a specific date at a specific time. Also, lost or stolen key can be easily be deleted electronically.

How many audit trails can be collected from a single key? The programmable user key now stores the last 1,800 transactions and the last 20 foreign transactions..

How long does the battery in the key last? 20,000 operations or 2 years

How long does the battery in the cylinder last? Cylinders do not have a battery

How large is the cylinder memory? 200 key groups; each key group holding 65,000 individual unique key combinations. This provides up to 13 million unique possible key combinations in one cylinder and can retain a black list of 3,000 keys

Can I take an audit trail from a cylinder? Yes, the cylinder stores an audit trail of the last 1,000 key insertions.

What if a key is not returned? We would recommend that time schedules are set to each key, so if the key is not returned it will expire, or can be removed from the cylinder with the programming key.

How is the information sent? Via the internet to a wall mounted PD

Can the information be taken off the Wall mounted PD by anyone? No, there is no information stored on the PD, it is stored on a server until the correct key is inserted and only then is the information securely transferred

Where is the server? Volvo IT - Sweden

Can I host this myself? Yes, but there would be additional costs

What if there is no internet connection on a particular site? We will have a mobile PD available shortly which will work on the GSM network.